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“As a water skier, Camille Duvall was a five-time World Champion, a Water Ski Hall of Famer and named as one of the 100 Greatest Female Athletes of the Century by Sports Illustrated. As a successful real estate executive, she’s building a new legacy.”

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Cameron Myler

Transition Game, Athletes Quarterly

“Duvall’s domain is professional waterskiing. At 27, she has won three consecutive world professional slalom championships and holds more titles (18) in slalom than all other women water-skiers combined. As effortless as it all looks, she has arrived at this eminence only after years of training and hard work. In her single-minded pursuit of excellence, she is Pete Rose in a swimsuit; in her physical prowess and power (at 5’11” and 140 pounds, she is six inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than her typical opponents), she is a curvaceous Joe Louis, cutting off the ring on a generation of pretenders.”

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Mike Neill

No One Beats Slalom Champ Camille Duvall at Making Waves Where the Buoys Are, People Magazine

“Camille Duvall started water skiing when she was only four. Born July 11, 1960, to Sam and Diane Duvall, Camille and her brother were provided every opportunity to achieve success as a professional waterskiers. The single-mindedness with which the family went about their pursuit of excellence was stunning. Camille won her first tournament when she was six years old, and her determination to be better than everyone else was already apparent.”

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Sports JRank

Camille Duvall Hero - Growing Up, Sports JRank

“Duvall’s reach as a human being extends beyond the world of water sports and her three-decade tenure as the most dominant female athlete water skiing ever knew. She graduated from New York University’s School of Broadcasting and used her communications skills in multiple arenas. She has been a television reporter and producer for various networks, including such sports powerhouses as ESPN and Fox Sports, as well as lesser known but still important venues such as MSG Network and Oxygen Sports. Duvall also published a book in 1992, Camille Duvall’s Instructional Guide To Water Skiing.”

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Sports - JRank

Camille Duvall - Olympics Only A Dream, Sports - JRank

“Camille Duvall used to get her adrenaline fix on water. Today, the former professional water skier gets a rush at higher altitudes as a rock climber.

Over the course of her 30-year career as a professional water skier, Ms. Duvall earned five world-champion titles and was ranked No. 1 internationally for 10 years. Injuries forced her to retire in 1994. She worked nearly 10 years as a sports commentator for networks including ESPN…”

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Jen Murphy

A Water Skier Seeks Higher Ground, The Wall Street Journal

“When she was four years old, Camille Duvall’s parents plopped her in the water, her feet strapped to water skis. She had no trouble getting out of the water, but would drop the tow line after only 40 feet.

Camille’s father finally told her, “If you drop that line one more time, I’m leaving you in the middle of the lake.” She ended up treading water for awhile.

Duvall has hardly let go since.

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Ron Scherer

Tug of War With a Boat Isn't Easy, Christian Science Monitor

“After a brief hiatus from water skiing, Duvall returned to the sport in 1981 and surpassed her former accomplishments. She rejoined the U.S. Elite Water Ski Team, and from 1983 to 1987 she helped that team to world championship victories. She also won the 1985 Women’s World Slalom Championships, going on to capture many national, professional and Masters titles in the process.”

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Camille Duvall - Family Affair, Sports - JRank