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Camille Duvall-Hero

Real estate broker, pro water skiier, and member of the women’s sports community.

From representing large organizations to working with grassroots nonprofits, Camille loves to collaborate with others on some of the issues that have driven her at every step of her career: women in sports, physical fitness, fun and fulfilling activities for children from all walks of life, and more. She firmly believes that personally getting involved in something is the first step toward changing it for the better.

From the very start of Camille’s waterskiing career, she has championed female involvement in sports — not just through her own athleticism, but in her pushes for equal compensation, treatment, opportunities, and encouragement for women and young girls in sports. Camille was involved in the Women’s Sports Foundation for many years under the mentorship of tennis legend and WSF founder Billie Jean King. Camille was also a longtime member of the Board of Trustees for the Women’s Sport Foundation, working to maintain and grow the Foundation’s impact on up-and-coming young athletes. A champion female athlete in a then-little-known sport herself, Camille represented in many ways the social change and equality that she hoped would define the future of athletics.

Alongside this goal, Camille aimed to do her part in sprucing up the role of waterskiing in sports in general: while competing at the top of her career, she and her brother Sammy Duvall ran a very successful ski academy where she was the cook as well as the coach!  She cooked 3 meals a day for anywhere between 10 – 30 people. Passionate about the success of water skiing, Camille gave her time to the pro water ski tour by doing press tours the week before tour stops.


Work In The Athletic Community

Camille also started numerous groups herself, such as the Athletes Advisory council to the board of USA Water Ski, which helped set the stage for USA Water Ski to become a part of the USOC. She has her ties to the Women’s Sports Foundation to thank for that. Additionally, Camille started and was the president of the Professional Association of Water Skiers (PAWS),  so that the skiers could be in a strong position to bargain and negotiate with the Water Ski Tour owners on issues like safety and prize money.

From there, PAWS landed Budget Rent A Car as a sponsor for a worldwide $1M prize money water ski tour with live television. Camille wore many hats in that endeavor, met with mayors to secure ski sites, negotiated TV contracts, handled the color commentary all the way down to approving the menu for the skier tents to changing toilet paper in the porta potties — all while still skiing herself!


Legacy and Philanthropic Involvement

Since she retired from professional sports and moved into broadcast journalism and ultimately real estate, Camille has continued to get involved with causes that not only provide good outlets for her, but for her children. Her son Alexander ranked in the top 30 in Eastern Zone in tennis when he was just 14 years old, and her daughter Gabby just placed 10th in her first national equitation championship, competing against kids up to 18 years old.

Camille is still involved with the Women’s Sports Foundation to this day. She is also involved with Power Play, Swim Strong, Up2Us Sports, the Viscardi Center, the Twin Lights Ski Club, and more. Most recently she was nominated for the Spirit of an Active Lifestyle Award by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Orthopaedic Foundation.

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